AI, Mathematics and Software

We focus on a number of areas including numerical analysis, nonlinear optimization, linear algebra, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and user experience in the healthcare sector, as well as pedagogy and didactics in software education

Head of Section: Henrik Bechmann.

Research Area

Our research focus is on how AI, mathematics, and software technologies can contribute to the development of innovative solutions within our key application areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Optimal use of energy and resources
  • Maintenance planning
  • Optimization and security of digital systems and communication.

Within our three core areas,AI, Mathematics and Software, we are currently working on:


  • Development of methods for time series modeling and prediction using Bayesian approaches
  • Exploring the interplay between operations research and machine learning to address underlying data dependencies and noisy data points


  • Solutions to partial differential equations with a primary focus on the use of new structure-preserving discretization methods for continuous mechanics problems combined with revived Lie group methods


  • Development of software systems and frameworks that offer cybersecurity for citizens and organizations
  • Exploring the optimal use of energy in IT systems.


  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Mathematics
  • IoT
  • Software
  • Information Technology
  • Information Communication Technology


Research staff