At DTU Engineering Technology, we collaborate with a large number of companies through various project formats that involve students, experts, and our workshop staff.

The essence of an engineer’s work is to find the right technical solutions to the challenges humans and society are facing. DTU works closely with businesses on conversion of ideas and innovation into reality. At DTU Engineering Technology we specialize in technology implementation. 

We look forward to collaborating with you. Experience show that there is much to be gained.

Collaboration on research and development
DTU is the business community’s university and thus takes part in a wide range of collaborations with companies regarding strategic research collaborations, continuing education, student projects, conferences, etc. There can be many different forms and levels of collaboration. From major strategic research projects with a high level of innovation to participating in stand-alone courses and events at DTU.

Collaboration on specific research projects is one of many opportunities for interaction between businesses and DTU Engineering Technology. We also collaborate with a large number of companies in connection with PhD student programmes.

Collaboration on innovation and education
DTU’s BEng programme is an industry and application-oriented programme. The students are therefore able to bring their academic knowledge to the table in finding solutions to engineering problems and development tasks. The students encounter real-life cases from businesses in lectures, laboratory lessons, and in project courses. Internships in businesses are also an essential part of the BEng programme and BEng institute's final projects are conducted in collaboration with businesses.The close collaboration with businesses ensures that our researchers and professionals are always updated on the profession's current challenges, working methods, and practices. It also forms the basis for our research into technology implementation as a field and practice.

The intersection between practice and broad engineering technology implementation, along with its continuous documentation, is also part of the knowledge foundation upon which DTU's entire BEng education is built, namely the practice-based foundation. It lends particular strength to DTU's BEng programme that we, at DTU, have the unique and powerful combination of discipline-specific engineering knowledge in world-leading research environments and a solid systematic expertise on the practical interface between theory and implementation.

DTU has one of the most well-developed ecosystems for student innovation and entrepreneurship among technical universities in Europe. This ecosystems helps bringing new ideas and inventions from the classrooms and research laboratories at DTU into the real world, where they can create new jobs and help solve tasks and challenges in society. At DTU, we want everyone taking a BEng degree to train competences in innovation and learn to take an interdisciplinary approachwhich is why the 13-week Innovation Pilot course is mandatory on all study programmes during the fifth and sixth semesters of the BEng programme. The Innovation Pilot course is run by DTU Engineering Technology staff. 

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Innovation & Collaboration

If you wish to collaborate with students or a professional staff member, or are curious about the best collaboration format for your specific company or organization, let's have a talk.

You are very welcome to contact our staff or Head of Sections directly. 

Sections at DTU Engineering Technology

Or you can call or write to Mette Pallisgaard from the Innovation and Development Secretariat, and she will assist you.

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