Business Development

Our focus revolves around sustainable business development. We explore the interplay between economic sustainability and environmental sustainability, examining how they create new avenues for business growth.

Head of Section: Kristina Vaarst Andersen.

Research Area

Our primary research themes include:

  • Economic and Environmental Sustainability: We delve into the intricate relationship between economic and environmental sustainability. Our studies analyze how these two aspects converge, creating fertile ground for sustainable business development. By investigating the interplay between economic viability and environmental consciousness, we seek to identify strategies that align profitability with sustainable practices, fostering the long-term success of businesses.
  •  Leveraging Sustainable Technologies and Business Models: In this research theme, we explore the practical application of environmentally sustainable technologies and business models. We investigate how these innovative approaches can propel businesses toward long-term success and increased competitiveness. By examining real-world cases and conducting rigorous analyses, we aim to provide evidence-based insights that guide businesses toward sustainable growth.
  • Exploring the Intersection of Digitalization and Work: As society undergoes a remarkable digital transformation, the way we work, collaborate, and live is profoundly reshaped. Understanding the diverse impact of new digital technologies across generational cohorts and contexts is central to the competitive advantages of firms. A central research theme of our group centers on identifying and cultivating new approaches to work that are catalyzed by the advent of digital technologies. We explore how organizations can leverage digitalization to optimize work processes, enhance productivity, and foster innovation. We also explore the dark side of digitalization as a challenge to work-life balance, redefining the balance between employers and employees, and as a potential challenge to the welfare and employability of particular groups of employees.

In an era where the climate crisis poses significant challenges to organizations, nations, and global leaders, research on the interplay between different facets of sustainable business becomes indispensable. We contribute by examining the challenges faced by firms during the implementation of sustainable technologies and by identifying best practices and potential solutions. By focusing on the economic sustainability of green technologies, we provide guidance to organizations, policymakers, and investors, ensuring the development of economically viable, yet environmentally sustainable businesses.


Sustainable business practices are increasingly vital across developed economies. Within the field of sustainability, our research addresses several key areas:

  • ESG Standards: We explore the opportunities and challenges firms encounter when adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.
  • Green finance: We investigate how regulations and investor perceptions of environmental sustainability affect firms' access to funding and business conditions.
  • Sustainable Product Development: We assess firms' investments in and societal effects of developing environmentally sustainable and circular products and business models.
  • Economic effects of biodiversity: We delve into the implications of firms’ contribution to biodiversity preservation, considering its role in environmental sustainability as well as the economic impact for contributing firms.


Technology Implementation

The implementation of green technologies is central to overall business development, particularly for firms built upon the promise of green products, services, or business models. Our research provides insights and knowledge that support businesses in effectively integrating sustainable technologies, fostering their growth and market competitiveness.

We are committed to driving positive change through our research and collaboration with diverse stakeholders. To achieve our research objectives, we employ a multidisciplinary approach that combines rigorous academic analysis with practical industry collaboration. Our team of seasoned researchers works closely with business leaders, policymakers, and industry experts to ensure our findings directly address the pressing challenges faced by businesses today. By bridging academia and practice, we contribute to the successful transition toward a sustainable future.





  • Economics
  • Economic sociology
  • Marketing
  • Innovation management
  • Innovation strategy
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics



  • Econometric analysis
  • Industry knowledge
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Research methodology
  • Operations analysis



  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Business
  • Financial markets and investments
  • Marketing strategy and market creation



  • Policy recommendations
  • Executive education and training
  • Business consulting
  • Case studies



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