Research and Development

At DTU Engineering Technology, we conduct research in technology implementation and in engineering education. We develop tools for successful implementation of technology in companies and state-of-the-art engineering education.

The activities at the department are organized into several sections, which work with engineering didactics and technology implementation within a number of different fields. These cover the technical as well as the organizational and business aspects of implementing sustainable technology and digitalization in companies and society.

When new technology is developed, knowledge about its implementation is crucial to ensure that the new technology is actually put to practical use and benefits society. Technology implementation and innovation are central to the entirety of DTU's operations and to the difference that DTU, as a university, makes for society. DTU Engineering Technology contributes to this part of DTU's work with a special focus on practical applications.

We research technology implementation at all levels, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Through collaborations with companies in education, student projects, and research, we develop tools, methods, and theories for the implementation and hands-on transfer of technology across various industries, including:

  • The Manufacturing industry
  • Construction
  • The Utilities sector
  • The
  • Health sector
  • Agriculture

'Engineering Technology' is the term used internationally for this applied and practice-oriented focus within engineering education and technical research.

Our researchers represent a wide base of different engineering competencies, and we deal with the technical, organizational, and economic aspects of the implementation of sustainable technology and digitalization in companies and society.

Digitalization and sustainability

DTU Engineering Technology contributes, among other things, to addressing the digitalization challenges of SMEs and to increasing companies' sustainability through production transitions and product development in product lines, processes, and business models

The research field of technology implementation provides knowledge to understand and successfully navigate the complexity that arises when technologies are to be implemented in a given practice and context. Thus, the research contributes to giving businesses and society crucial knowledge to successfully achieve the implementation of entirely new and/or updated digital and sustainable technologies.

The intersection between practice, technology, and implementation, along with its continuous documentation, is simultaneously a vital part of the knowledge foundation upon which the entirety of DTU's BEng programme is built, namely the practice-based foundation. It lends a particular strength to DTU's BEng education that it draws on our unique and robust combination of discipline-specific engineering knowledge in world-leading research environments on one hand, and a solid systematic expertise on the practical interface between theory and implementation on the other.

Based on the numerous educational programs at the institute, we work data-driven to develop and test new formats for practice-based education and innovative learning strategies.

Our research forms part of the basis for continued excellence in engineering education with a practice-anchored and high professional level, enabling graduates to can add value in the job market and future work places from their first day of work.

DTU Engineering Technology aims to establish a national research environment within engineering research for higher education and the STEM subjects for primary and secondary education. Based on the numerous educational programs at the institute, there is a unique opportunity to work data-driven to develop and test new differentiated and motivating teaching methods.


Malene Kirstine Holst

Malene Kirstine Holst Head of Department Department of Engineering Technology and Didactics Phone: +45 35885031 Mobile: 93 51 15 71


The scientific staff at DTU Engineering Technology are organized into several sections within different disciplines