Mechanical Technology

We focus on material technology, thermodynamic processes, mechanical elements, and robotics.

Mechanical Technology is one of the four traditional engineering disciplines (mechanical engineering). The section focuses on material technology, thermodynamic processes, mechanical elements, and robotics.

Research Area

We work on several fronts to contribute to important objectives, both nationally and internationally. The green transition cannot be achieved without the development of many new mechanical technologies and products. For example, a wind turbine is a mechatronic product that can only function through the interplay of mechanics, electronics, and control. The blades require highly developed materials. The bearings and gearbox must be correctly dimensioned. The pitch of the blades and the yaw of the nacelle must be controlled. Power electronics is a topic for our colleagues in Electrical Energy.

Thermodynamics is another important and current topic, for example in connection with the conversion of heat supply to more district heating. Another topic involving thermodynamics and high-temperature physics is the processing of raw materials from waste through pyrolysis. The group also works with recycling plastic materials from, for example, 3D printing.


We collaborate with industry, especially in the local area, but do not set any limitations. Many students do their final project in collaboration with a company, and the students' internships also provide valuable contact between the university and the business world.

Technology Implementation

Our education prepares the upcoming graduate engineers to make a difference from day one at their new workplace - we call this technology implementation. A carefully selected course composition equips the students for the demands of the future, including IT skills related to the everyday life of a mechanical engineer.

We are also ready to assist companies that need advice or action.


  • Product Development
  • CAD
  • Strength Theory
  • Mechanics & Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Programming
  • Modeling
  • Material Science
  • Mechanical Elements


Research staff