Plast Lab

Plastic production and processing. In the Plast Lab, one can manufacture plastic components. We work with injection molding, vacuum forming, and heat pressing, and with processing recycled plastic into new products, CNC milling of mold and vacuum forms, material testing, new manufacturing methods, and production of small series on plastic injection molding machines for start-up companies

Plast Lab. Foto Mikal Schlosser.


  • Injection molding machine
  • Vacuum former
  • Oven and vacuum chamber
  • Heat press
  • Lathe
  • Hand injection molder
  • Plastic granulating machines
  • EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)
  • CNC milling machine (for foam and aluminum)


Bo Hagelskjær Larsen

Bo Hagelskjær Larsen Department of Engineering Technology and Didactics Mobile: +45 24896431