Research and Development

Technology implementation as a research field

Implementation and innovation of technology are central to DTU’s work and to the University’s benefit to society. DTU Engineering Technology contributes to this part of DTU’s work through its focus on the practical application of the research and innovative solutions developed at the University.

DTU Engineering Technology’s research field is based on technology implementation and engineering practice, and thus has direct links to the industry’s current challenges and development needs. Through business collaborations in teaching, student projects and at the employee level, we systematically develop tools, methods, and theories for implementation and hands-on transfer of technology, knowledge, and engineering through new products and solutions in cooperation with companies.

The links between practice and the broad implementation of engineering technology, and the ongoing documentation of this, is key to the practice-oriented knowledge base on which DTU’s BEng programme rests.

The BEng programme benefits from DTU’s unique and robust combination of specific engineering expertise in world-leading research environments and solid, systematic experience of linking theory and implementation, which is DTU Engineering Technology’s research field.

Links to companies and research environments at other DTU departments are created partly through collaboration on PhD projects. For example, the first PhD project under the department’s new name and identity aims to develop a model for measuring the impact of university-industry collaboration in cooperation with DTU Entrepreneurship.

Engineering didactics and learning

In the long term, to realize DTU’s overall ambition to offer Europe’s best BEng programme, DTU Engineering Technology will establish a targeted didactic and pedagogical engineering development environment. The department’s many courses provide an opportunity to develop and test new and motivating teaching methods and to collect evidence and measure effects for the benefit of DTU as a whole.


Malene Kirstine Holst
Head of Department
DTU Engineering Technology
+45 35 88 50 31