Studerende i praktik


Is your company looking for engineering interns?

20 weeks with the company

As a company you have good chances of getting an engineering student as an intern. The students at DTU Diplom have a mandatory 20-week internship at a company. During the internship the student participates in the daily activities of the company just like any other employee. Internships usually begin on the 1st of February or the 1st of September, and the search for internships begins about half a year before that. Most students find internships a few months in advance.

Purpose of Internships

Given the application-oriented focus of DTU Engineering Technology , the interships are a very important part of every line of study.

Relevant challenges for students and companies

Generally DTU Engineering Technology is flexible when it comes to approving BSc projects. Any challenge that is within an engineering discipline relevant to the company and appropriate level of difficulty can be used for a BSc project.  

Guidelines for internships

Internships last 20 weeks (approximately 5 months) with a 37 ½ hour work week. Some lines of study allow longer lasting part time internships.

Usually the student receives a monthly payment of 12.900 kr./month in accordance to the Danish Society of Engineers’ guidelines for internships