BSc projects

Is your company facing a challenge that you would like a new perspective on?

Meaningful projects

As a company you have the opportunity to collaborate with students at DTU Engineering Technology. Through their BSc projects the students investigate a problem area with a solution oriented approach, thereby making the conducted projects very useful for the collaborating companies. The students often choose to work with the same company during their BSc project that they did their internships at.

Project agreement

Before the project begins, the student, the company and a supervisor from DTU enters a project agreement. The supervisor is responsible for approving both the project and the company. Company supervisor The company has to offer a qualified supervisor, who is an employee of the company and a skilled engineer. It is expected that the supervisor dedicates two hours a week for counseling. The supervisor participates in the project discussion as well as the grading of the project.

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The BSc is concluded by a project report and a project discussion. Is the work is confidential an NDA has to be signed at the beginning of the project period. Usually the reports are subject to the NDA for a two year period, but this period can be extended if needed.

Relevant challenges for both student and company

Generally DTU Engineering Technology is flexible when it comes to approving BSc projects. Any challenge that is within an engineering discipline relevant to the company and appropriate level of difficulty can be used for a BSc project.

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