Collaborate with an expert

Does your company need support with a project or a business challange? If that is the case, then a collaboration with one of our experts may be the solution.

A collaboration with DTU Engineering Technology gives your company access to expert knowledge that can contribute to increased growth, development and innovation. The expert knowledge from DTU Engineering Technology can help create new products or optimize production in both newly established and existing companies.

Through a collaboration with our experts, you will get:

  • direct access to experts within the relevant field
  • access to newly produced knowledge
  • engineering work performed by business- and theoretical specialists
  • the possibility of a further collaboration with DTU Engineering Technology

At DTU Engineering Technology we focus on using newly produces knowledge. We ensure that the new knowledge has the format that the companies need and we ensure that it is adapted to the issues which the companies exoerience in everyday life.

Our experts are specialists in practice-oriented, hands-on engineering and through our experts, we apply the knowledge that exists at the university to the benefit of both business and society.

As a company, you have the opportunity to collaborate with our experts through several formats. We offer consultancy in the company or on projects. You also have the opportunity to enter into a project collaboration with our experts through an innovation project.