DTU Library

DTU Library is the university library of DTU and the national, technical information centre of Denmark with public access.

DTU Library makes printed and digital literature accessible within the areas of technology and the natural sciences being the professional profile of DTU.

DTU Library also registers and archives the information produced by DTU including the underlying cases and projects. DTU Library contributes to the publication and dissemination of DTU’s scientific information and carries out analyses of the output and impact of the university.

DTU Library offers an inspiring and attractive study environment and also in Ballerup, students have access to study areas with and without IT as well as group study rooms. It is also possible to print, copy and scan.

DTU Library teaches information competences, and at DTU Engineering Technology this is part of the students’ curricula.

Library buildings

DTU Library, Ballerup, has a central location on campus. The room itself is a round tower with three floors inspired by Gunnar Asplund’s round library in Stockholm. The library tower is a landmark on campus and was designed by PLH Arkitekter A/S.

From the centre of the vaulted ceiling there is a large chandelier inspired by the Rutherford-Bohr model of the atom. The three rings with 60 halogen lamps symbolise the electron paths.

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