Ballerup Campus

Buildings and facilities

The many and diverse educational schemes at DTU Engineering Technology Campus are housed in a highly attractive 42,000 m2 centre built in 1995.

Study environment and interdisciplinarity are emphasized at DTU Engineering Technology. Furthermore, areas containing chairs, desks, and sofa sets are located around the hallway, inviting students to meet.


DTU Ballerup Campus provides dedicated facilities for hands-on laboratory teaching, integrated projects with lecturers on development and prototyping, as well as development projects with SMEs. The integration of laboratory exercises, project work, and experiments in theoretical teaching is one of the signatures of the BEng programme based on CDIO. The laboratory facilities provide an environment for students to test theories in practice and achieve deep learning. In addition, the labs provide a framework for collaborations with companies for both students and faculty.


Bicycle parking and shower facilities

If you ride your bike to Campus, you will find heated bicycle parking in the basement as well as shower facilites.

Handicap-friendly building

Depending on your location in the building, there are two or three floors and moving around is easy. A large number of lifts connect the various levels, making it easy for wheelchair users to move around. There are also handicap lavatories and wide doors throughout the Campus.

Internet access

Given that many students use lap-tops, the wi-fi network has been established in most lecture rooms and common areas. Wired internet access is also available in all classrooms and auditoriums.


The canteen offers a broad range of food and drinks – at student prices. The canteen has a large salad bar, a hot meal of the day and a warm Danish dish of the day. The canteen serves both traditional Danish food as well as internationally inspired courses.


The library is located in the center of the building. From the library you can access the database 'Findit' where you will find every piece of literature contained in the library. Furthermore, the library contains study rooms, study seats, lab-tops and devices for online reading.


Map of the campus

The map shows the plan of the building with some of the most important places marked.

Download the DTU Ballerup Campus map as a PDF