Electric Energy

Research Group Leader: Mehdi Savaghebi

In the coming decades, there will be major changes in the way the world produces, distributes and uses energy. Sustainability and the environment are the keywords for the development. Until 2050, Denmark's entire energy system must become a CO2-neutral nation. The energy must come from wind, sun, hydrogen, and biomass. The electrical grid is the focal point in this transition. The Electric Energy Research Group will contribute to this transition through:

  • Operation and control of macro- and micro-grid with renewable energy sources
  • Ensuring supply security and quality through effective control, modeling and protection
  • Control of power electronic converters for optimal generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power
Name Title Ph. E-mail
Niels-Ebbe DamAssociate Professor+45 35 88 51 73nida@dtu.dk
Esben LarsenAssociate Professor+45 45 25 35 12esla@dtu.dk
Gen LiAssociate Professor+45 93 51 89 82genli@dtu.dk
Rasmus PostAssociate Professor+45 35 88 51 37rapo@dtu.dk
Mehdi SavaghebiAssociate Professor+45 40 97 31 87medi@dtu.dk
Ashraf Fathi Khalil SulaymanAssociate Professor+45 93 51 18 14ashka@dtu.dk